Conservation & Hospitality Management School



While ABT exhibits many features of the traditional tertiary  institution, our uniquely robust approach to such issues as students’ personal growth and professional development continues to win the respect of educationalists worldwide. 

The school is built on TRADITION, ETHOS and VALUES and this is underwritten in everything we do at ABT...

Founded by conservationist , veteran lodge manager and Kruger Park trails ranger, Mr. Johann Jurgens in the early 2000's, this school has grown from what started out to be a small scale training facility, to a leading provider of high quality Qualification- and Learning Programme- Certificate courses. In formulating his original concept for ABT thirty years ago, Principle Johann Jurgens adhered firmly to the classical dictum mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body. He was determined to focus on providing students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn and kick start successful careers in the Field Guiding, Wildlife Conservation and Hospitality Management fields.

ABT is supported by a team of reputable and well-respected educators/instructors, all of whom are specialists in their respective fields. They are attracted to work with ABT on a full-time or part-time basis by the opportunity it provides for them to share knowledge and experience with a new generation of conservationists and wildlife ambassadors- and all of them take exceptionally deep interests in their charges... As a result, ABT puts strong emphasis on the standard and quality of our courses, providing our students with the opportunity to build meaningful portfolios of skills evidence and competency.

We are especially proud of our policy of integrated learning. That, we believe, encourages students not only in the achievement of qualifications, but also in developing personal and professional competency aligned with industry requirement, and we monitor their progress in those areas constantly and extremely closely.

The unique ABT educational philosophy stresses, however, that a healthy balance between theoretical and practical training must be maintained throughout the presentation of all our courses.

ABT holds to the principle that holistic learning should be integrated into all curriculum's and learning programs. As followers of the 'wilderness' school tradition, we entrust this to both the unique location of our campuses and the valuable contributions made by our trainers in training.

With a long standing track record of academic success, ABT continues to strife towards excellence as we live up to our reputation as Africa’s leading private school in conservation and hospitality.

We offer accredited further education career courses, gap year and sabbatical programmes, high school and university study abroad programmes, custom courses and on-site skills evelopment programmes for professional staff at safari lodges. 

ABT is driven by a board of reputable directors and a strong management team on the ground looking after the quality of education, operations and students well-being. 

Collectively the school is headed by the ABT Principle, Standards Director (SD) and the School Management Board.


Johann Jurgens

Johann Jurgens


Johann is a veteran in South African conservation circles and is well known for his valuable contributions made towards environmental education, training and various other conservation awareness successes over the years. After attaining a Diploma in Game Ranch Management he went on to qualify himself as an specialist nature guide followed by a 25 year long career in conservation that led him to leave tracks as field guide and lodge manager in the Sabi Sands, Madikwe and Kapama Game Reserves and in later years becoming a well respected trails ranger in the Kruger National Park. Following a stint as concession warden in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve; Johann officially retired from the commercial Eco tourism scene in 2017 to head African Bush Training as principle and student mentor. Johann is also one of the founding members of the ‘International Students Conservation Initiative’ or better known as the ISCI which is currently taking the wildlife and hospitality sector by storm as one of the most successful and efficient suppliers of trained personnel and support staff to the industry.

Welma Jurgens

Welma Jurgens


WELMA MEYER is a qualified Horticulturist, Field Guide and renown Lodge Manager. Having made her mark in the eco tourism and agricultural sectors, WELMA joined forces with ABT to further live her motto: “In order to understand the language of the wild country, the birds, the animals and the land itself, you have to feel the sun, drink the water and leave your tracks in the sand!”


As a proud student of ABT, I acknowledge and accept the schools TRADITION, ETHOS & VALUES; and fully commit myself to uphold the highest standard of professionalism in my daily conduct as student and ambassador for wildlife conservation in Africa, during my studies at ABT and after. 

I believe that I'm an individual with potential and talent; and I fully commit myself to further develop my skills and abilities to positively serve wildlife conservation, my fellow students and the communities I find myself in and that relies on me... faith, passion, determination and commitment will be the driving forces behind all my actions, as it will ultimately lead me to my desired destination and destiny in life - the start of a legacy in conservation with my name written on it!




The Fields Guides Association of Southern Africa’s philosophy is one of representing and promoting a high standard of guiding and skills development within the tourism industry for its members.

FGASA is a well known, highly regarded and respected brand across the world for all guiding and non guiding members.


The Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) is one of the 21 SETAs established under the Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998) in 2001.


The INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CONSERVATION INITIATIVE (ISCI) is Africa’s leading ‘supplier’ of specialised task teams, trained support staff and skilled volunteers to the wildlife conservation industry - not only in Southern Africa, but across Africa.

STANDARDS CENTRAL - Hospitality Staff Investment Projects

Over the years, STANDARDS CENTRAL formulated and introduced a ground breaking model for Business Transformation in the hospitality sector that not only addresses the challenges lodges and tourism establishments face in making performance, productivity and efficiency happen on the ground, but also preparing the stage for Quality Assurance & Standard Setting